Frequently asked questions

To be or not to be? To learn or not to learn?


- Our methodology is a mix of pedagogical, psychological and physiological sciences;

- You will be able to speak in 5 weeks ;

- You will get rid of psychological barriers ;

- More than 80 units of language get right to your long-term memory!

You are able to do much more, than you think you . You can save your time and start to speak much earlier, if you follow our methodology. Some of our methods are used in army to teach the foreign language to the soldiers. A lot of great minds know how to save the time and we want to share this with you.

24 days +1 introductory lesson , where we teach you how to study

As a plus - you have free speaking clubs all 12 Saturdays with our native speakers


It depends only on you. Select an aim and go for it

If you tried another courses, you know how long it takes to go there during half of the year, 3 times per week, 1.5 hours ... It takes much longer than we propose

Our system includes a variety of special exercises and they made your memory work in full, improve your mind and help to focus!

According to our technology new words get straight to both hemispheres, it means they get to the long-term memory

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